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Saturday, October 12, 2013

English literature's 100 greatest novels -- according to the Guardian

I see The Guardian is running a series on "the 100 best novels." Here's its take on Defoe's Robinson Crusoe.  I read it just a couple of years ago or so. It really struck me how Friday really shows greater intelligence than his white master in learning English, while our supposed hero can't even be bothered to learn Friday's real name. Such imperialistic blindness to insist that the burden of learning languages falls on the nonwhite.

Perhaps I'll follow along and offer comments on novels I've read. I have to admit, I never made it through Clarissa, though perhaps I'll push myself to read it in the near future. Gulliver's Travels, I read in college. It has enough incidents to keep  readers amused throughout, though the modern reader would likely find the 18th Century pace too slow. 

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